Advanced Group Facilitation Skills: Hearing Voices / Paranoia & Beliefs

March 28, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 4:30 pm
Conway Hall (Brockway Rm)
Red Lion Square
London WC1R 4RL
£120 Private & Statutory; £90 voluntary sector & self-funding individuals; £10 unwaged
John Wetherell



trainer: Akiko Hart

10.00am – 4.30pm Wednesday 28th March


A requirement for this course is that you must have either:  

  • experienced facilitating a Hearing Voices Group and/or Paranoia & Beliefs Group


  • attended Hearing Voices Group and/or Paranoia & Beliefs Group Facilitation training


About the course 

Hearing Voices Groups and Paranoia & Beliefs Groups are safe spaces for people who hear voices, see visions or hold unusual beliefs to meet with one another in an atmosphere of mutual support and respect. They are not therapy or treatment, but provide people with the opportunity to explore their experiences, make sense of them and find ways of living with them. All groups are based on the ethos of the Hearing Voices Network which promotes an open and accepting atmosphere where all interpretations and experiences are valid.

Simple as this ethos sounds, developing groups that are able truly to respect the full diversity of experience and beliefs can be a challenge. This workshop provides an opportunities for people who have experience of facilitating Hearing Voices Groups to explore some of the key challenges for facilitators and reflect on their own role within the group.

Topics covered include:

  • Creating, and nurturing, a diverse and open space
  • Thinking about our own style as facilitators and how much we input into conversations
  • Using our own lived experience wisely
  • Working with hopelessness and disempowerment
  • Recognising, and dealing with, the instinct to ‘fix’ or ‘intervene’
  • Navigating difficult conversations about unusual beliefs or troubling experiences
  • Making space for members to take ownership of the group
  • Thinking about how Hearing Voices Groups relate to wider communities, organisations and the world
  • Sharing, reflecting on and problem-solving real world challenges
  • Transforming challenges into opportunities for growth
  • Safeguarding the future of Hearing Voices Groups (finances, resources and values)



£10     Unwaged

£90     Voluntary organisations and unfunded individuals

£120   Statutory & commercial organisations (including NHS, Council & Private)


Small Print:

  • The full fee will be chargeable if you cancel less than 7 days before the event.
  • We can sometimes negotiate a lower fee for individuals paying out of their own funds


You can pay using the following methods: 

  • If you or your organisation cannot pay online, please contact John to book your place and request an invoice, call 020 7241 8978  or email
  • Cheques payable to ‘Mind in Camden’. Please send to John Wetherell, Mind in Camden, Barnes House, 9-15 Camden Rd, NW1 9LQ (please mark clearly what it is for).



For more information on booking, please contact:

John Wetherell
Project Assistant

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