R.E.S.T. Minor Tranquilisers Service

“The benefits of contacting the service have been excellent. Without this help I don’t know where I would have got the support I needed. This helpline is a great help, it made me realise I was not alone.”

R.E.S.T. Service User

Mind in Camden’s Tranquilliser Service, established in 1988, provides support for individuals from who may be experiencing difficulties due to Benzodiazepine dependency.

These individuals include:

  • Existing, recovering, past and potential users
  • Carers, friends and relatives of users
  • People using minor tranquillisers illegally
  • People using minor tranquillisers in combination with other drugs

How can we help you:

“Being reassured that I could be helped kept me going … a godsend … gave me a lifeline. The main psychological benefit was that I was accepted as I am. That makes a great deal of difference when you are ill”.

R.E.S.T Service User

The Project provides a safe and supportive atmosphere for you to discuss the problems of taking and withdrawing from benzodiazepines. You are encouraged to reduce, but never pressurised to do so. Our services are free and confidential.

  • Support Groups: users and ex-users meet to exchange experiences, discuss problems, gain mutual support and benefit from group therapy
  • Escorts: we can provide assistance to clients suffering agoraphobia, helping you to attend medical, dental and other types of appointments including our support groups
  • Home visits: we can provide home visits to clients who are agoraphobic or have physical disabilities
  • Advocacy: we will write letters of support to various agencies such as GPs, DSS and housing
  • Outreach: we provide talks and presentations to other community groups and professionals
  • Information: we highlight issues of concern in the media to promote a better understanding of minor tranquillisers and their effects
  • Counselling: individual and confidential counselling is provided, subject to availability and assessment
  • Family Support Scheme: a support group is held every month to support carers, friends and relatives of users

For more information, please call our Minor Tranquilliser Project Enquiry Line: 020 7241 8980