Peer Support Groups

What are Peer Support Groups?

Peer support groups are where members of the Phoenix community come together to share experiences and support one another. Groups are usually facilitated by one or two facilitators and comprise of individuals who have similar experiences – this could mean experiences of hearing voices and seeing vision, experiences of paranoia or unusual beliefs or experiences of addiction.


What’s on offer?

We have a wide range of peer support groups throughout the year including:

Tuesdays: Hearing Voices Peer Support Group

Wednesdays: Anxiety Peer Support Group Voice Collective Young People’s Voices & Visions Group (16-25)

Thursdays:  Out of Addiction | My Beliefs Support Group

Fridays:  Women’s Hearing Voices Group

How do I join?

Email us at or call us on 0207 241 8973 to let us know if you’re interested in joining a group and when you would like to start.

What does it cost?

All peer support groups other than Out of Addiction, are free to Camden residents and £6 for those from other boroughs. The Voice Collective group is free for everyone aged 18-25