CRAZYWISE Documentary Screening and Audience Discussion

July 18, 2018 @ 6:15 pm – 9:30 pm
UCL Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford St
London WC1N 1DP
£12 waged, £7 unwaged
John Wetherell
020 7241 8978


a film by Kevin Tomlinson & Phil Borges

What can we learn from those who have turned their psychological crisis into a positive transformative experience?

CRAZYWISE follows two young Americans who achieved exactly that: Adam, 27, & Ekhaya, 32.


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Doors: 6.00pm      Screening: 6.30pm      Bar Interval: 8.00pm      Discussion: 8.30pm 

The evening will be hosted and the discussion chaired by Akiko Hart, Mind in Camden’s Hearing Voices Project Manager.

TICKET PRICE: £12 waged, £7.00 unwaged (if you are unable to pay online, you can pay cash on the door, or otherwise please contact: John Wetherell 020 7241 8978 | 

Panel to include: 

  • Jez Hughes (Shamanic healer & teacher)
  • Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed (Philosophy lecturer & researcher)
  • Satyin Taylor (NHS Spiritual Care / Chaplain) 
  • Natalie Tobert (Medical Anthropologist & author)

Scroll down for panellist biographies.

CRAZYWISE – as described by its co-director Phil Borges

“While documenting human rights issues faced by tribal and indigenous cultures around the world, I began meeting their healers and seers we call Shamans. Many of them recounted having extreme anxiety, hearing voices or seeing visions. They were typically comforted and told their symptoms were ‘a calling’ that identified them as having potential to become a Shaman. Typically an older Shaman would mentor them through an initiation process in which they learned to manage their very unique and powerful sensitivities.

“Back home, our film team began meeting many individuals who are part of a growing movement of survivors. What these ‘people with lived experience’ have to tell us, and what other cultures have to show us, could spark a much-needed conversation about our current mental health care practices and perceptions.”  

[from an interview in ‘PSYCHOLOGY TODAY’ 3rd April 2016]

About the panellists

Jez Hughes

Jez has studied intensively the ancient art of Shamanism for eighteen years. His journey began nearly thirty years ago when as a teenager, through illness, he found himself in an altered state of consciousness that knocked him into a reality far more powerful. It took a long time to integrate that experience and find healing for the physical and mental disturbances it initiated – which included convulsive fits, extreme anxiety, pyschological breakdown and psychotic episodes. This journey he now understands as a ‘Shamanic Illness’. It took him through various healing and spiritual traditions all across the earth, until he finally came home to shamanism and found practical methods to cure himself.

Mohammed Abouelleil Rashed

Currently Wellcome Trust ISSF Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at Birkbeck College, Mohammed’s most recent work examines the philosophy and politics of identity and recognition in light of contemporary mental health activism such as Mad Pride. This research is coming out in his book Madness and the Demand for Recognition (OUP). Mohammed is also interested in alternative cultural constructions of mental health phenomena, and has conducted ethnographic studies of spirit possession, magic, and healing in the Western desert of Egypt. 

Satyin Taylor

After an experience during university that was seen as psychosis, Satyin completed his Psychology degree and has worked for 20 years in the NHS in Occupational Therapy and then developing and encouraging Hearing Voices Groups alongside a core ‘CBT for Psychosis’ role in a Community Mental Health Team. Satyin is a member of Triratna Buddhist Order. In 2016 he became a Chaplain in NELFT and Buddhist Coordinator & Deputy Team Leader in ELFT Department of Spiritual, Religious & Cultural Care. He founded the London Group of the Spiritual Crisis Network, and has an active interest in traditional/spiritual healing approaches including through project work in Uganda and linking with East London Islamic healers.  

Natalie Tobert

Natalie Tobert is a British medical anthropologist.and Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Her books include Spiritual Psychiatries and Cultural Perspectives on Mental Wellbeing. Natalie has also written a “Training Pack on Cultural Equalities” to raise awareness of spiritual beliefs about mental health, for staff and students in medicine and healthcare. She facilitates workshops on Death, Dying, and Beyond, and writes to enhance the bridge between mainstream knowledge and what people actually believe and do for their wellbeing.

About the filmmakers

Phil Borges – Director & Executive Producer 

Phil Borges has been documenting indigenous cultures and striving to create an understanding of the challenges they face for over 25 years. For his program, Stirring the Fire, Phil produced and filmed several short films, capturing the stories of women heroes and the issues they face all over the world, both as solo projects and in collaboration with organizations such as UN Women and CARE. Phil has spoken at multiple TED talks; including TED in 2007, TEDxRainier in 2012 and TEDxUMKC in 2013 and hosted television documentaries for Discovery and National Geographic.

Kevin Tomlinson – Director & Executive Producer

Kevin Tomlinson has been an independent Seattle-based producer, director and cinematographer for over 25 years. He has earned numerous Emmys and Tellys for his network news camerawork with NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and Discovery. Kevin directed and co-produced the award-winning feature documentary, “Back to the Garden” which premiered at SIFF (2009) and at over 30 international film festivals, also airing both locally and nationally on PBS.

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