Working with Taboo and Violent Voices in Forensic Settings

It can be difficult to talk about hearing voices, because of the stigma which can surround the experience. However, some voices, visions and sensory experiences can be even harder to discuss. Taboo voices are voices which talk about topics that are viewed negatively by the person and/or society. They may feel forbidden or dangerous, with themes of violence or sexuality.

Opening up a conversation about violent or taboo voices can bring up strong feelings of fear and shame in both the speaker and listener. In a forensic setting, they might also carry additional weight, because of concerns around ‘risk’. How can we open up space in Hearing Voices groups to talk about taboo and violent voices?

The course is free of charge to those who work in a prison, IRC or forensic unit, however please note you can only attend if you have:

• facilitated a Hearing Voices Group or Paranoia/Beliefs Group in a prison, forensic unit or immigration removal centre
• attended a Voices Unlocked 3-day Hearing Voices Group facilitation training

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