Black is Beautiful: BLAM UK workshop for Voice Collective

Posted on 04 July 2022

A safe and empowering space for young Black people (aged under 25) with experience of mental distress, exploring how ‘Black is Beautiful’ (Tuesday 5th July 7-8pm, free, online)

Hosted by our service Voice Collective, BLAM UK will discuss the importance of ‘Black is Beautiful’ to understand the immense value of Black culture in developing Black pride and racial esteem. Through connecting understandings of Black identity and racial esteem we can gain better insight into developing the racial wellness of our community and move away from Eurocentric approaches to mental health and wellness and instead prioritise culturally relevant approaches like the African Psychology and the SOUL (Soulfulness-Oriented, Unitive, and Liberatory) Approach.

We hope attendees will leave with a renewed sense and joy in their Blackness and understand that ‘Black Excellence’ is a message to be embraced and enjoyed.


BLAM UK is committed to improving the wellbeing of peoples of African descent, which has been affected globally due to racism and racial trauma.

We do this by dismantling the historical misrepresentation of black people, through our community outreach projects. These outreach projects provide critical engagement for the African and Afro-Caribbean diaspora. We believe that it is vital to provide meaningful insight into this vast arena of African and Afro-Caribbean culture and history.

For more information and booking please click here.

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