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Withdrawing from, reducing or stabilising your use of benzodiazepines can be really challenging journey. Mind in Camden’s R.E.S.T service aims to provide you with the necessary support and advice and information to help you find your way. Often, people find it helpful to hear about other people’s experiences so they can see that they’re not alone. This page includes the experiences contributed by people who use our services.

“As a user of Mind in Camden for nearly a year, I can say that it has changed my life dramatically. I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and for two years would not leave the house. The doctors put my on various Benzos, without which I would not be able to function without having panic attacks and no sleep. The helpers in the group have helped me to stabilise on the tablets and to set a time table for coming off of them. With their support I feel strong enough to take the path of withdrawing from the tablets knowing I have the confidence to do so.
The counselling I had put me back on the road to being able to face the world again. The group sessions I attend every Thursday help me to keep myself grounded enabling me to deal with the world. It’s taught me that I’m not alone. There are many more out there and in the group we all help and support each other. The staff at MIND in Camden are friendly, honest, open and, above all, very helpful. We can talk openly with the confidence of knowing everything and anything said remains confidential.
The group works in two ways – first, you get help from all the users, second, once you’re on the road to recovery your input helps others to recover.
As proof of this, after not working for three years, spending a lot of time alone, I am now able to interact and am actually actively looking for work. I have already got one interview under my belt. This would have been unthinkable 12 months ago”.

Client 1:
“Melanie Davis is fantastic. She has provided me with letters to accompany doctors letters (which for me her letters stand for so much more). She has offered to assist me on important meetings, has gone out of her way to check with me after I expressed feelings of major anxiety and has helped me on numerous occasions with gentle powerful reminders that things will get better. She has also reminded me of my hidden confidence by inviting me to go to seminars and meetings that she feels I may benefit from and every time it has given me purpose and taught me a great deal. She seems to understand my interests. I am grateful…as I lost them.”

Client 2:
“Words cannot express how helpful Jay and Melanie have been. Always come up trumps for whatever difficulty I am having.”

Client 3:
“Melanie kindly typed a very in depth and detailed letter to my GP about my dependency to Xanax and since this time I’ve followed the tapering programme I have significantly lowered my dose. Only taking it when absolutely necessary – I suffer with sleep problems very regularly.”

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Christmas Party 2015 – REST Service:
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REST Service weekly meetings:
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Monthly mindfulness sessions:
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Mervyn Dsouza, Acceptance and Commiment Therapist offers a mindfulness session