London Paranoia & Beliefs Network

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Between January 2012 and December 2014, Mind in Camden ran the London Paranoia & Beliefs Project, with the aim of developing peer support groups across the capital for people experiencing paranoia. The project worked in collaboration with the National Paranoia Network who have run a Paranoia Group in Sheffield since 2004, and partnered a range of organisations across London to provide training and support for a sustainable network of groups (hosted by partner organisations and run independently). The London Paranoia & Beliefs Project was developed from the London Hearing Voices Project, whose work over the period 2006-10 had resulted in a currently-thriving network of over 40 Hearing Voices Groups.

What is a Paranoia & Beliefs Group?


Paranoia & Beliefs Groups are safe, supportive spaces where people meet to share their experiences and learn from one another. They provide opportunity to learn to cope with the distress related to beliefs – both where the belief itself is inherently distressing, and also where the distress can be a result of how those beliefs are viewed by others. It is widely accepted that fear, distress, isolation, stigma and hopelessness are barriers to recovery. Membership of a Paranoia & Beliefs Group, with its strong ethos of self help, can help reduce this. Groups are:

  • Non-judgemental (based on mutual respect, empathy and acceptance)
  • A safe space to explore meaning and content of experiences
  • Based around the needs of the members
  • Recovery-focused (seeing current distress as temporary and understandable)
  • A supportive social network, embracing a diversity of views
  • Open to all (regardless whether a person has a diagnosed mental health problem)
  • Hopeful. Anyone – no matter how long they may have been struggling – can lead a meaningful, fulfilling life.
  • Voluntary and confidential
  • A group where everyone has expertise to contribute

They are not:

  • A treatment or therapy group
  • A place to pathologise or medicalise people’s thoughts and feelings

What Does the Network Offer?

The London Paranoia & Beliefs Network offers the following:

  • Group Facilitation Training for professionals and/or service users wishing to develop a Paranoia & Beliefs  Group — an opportunity for people both with lived experience of paranoia, and without it, to train together and discover common ground. See our Training & Events Calendar for upcoming trainings.
  • Networking for group facilitators. The networking events held quarterly by the London Hearing Voices Network are also shared by the London Paranoia & Beliefs Network. Meetings are announced on the Training & Events Calendar. Book your place by calling 020 7241 8978 or emailing
  • Materials and resources to support the development of groups. THE FOLLOWING DOWNLOADS ARE AVAILABLE:

Pitching and Promoting Your Group – resource sheet

Examples of group flyers:

Barnet suspicious minds poster

Believe in us group leaflet

Cool To Believe flyer

Westminster St Mungo’s relaunch event

Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about the Paranoia & Beliefs Network, please contact:

John Wetherell (Project Assistant, Mind in Camden Hearing Voices Projects )
T: 020 7241 8978 or 07471 318127  E: