One-to-One Support

What is One-to-One Support?

We are able to offer you a dedicated individual to work alongside you to help you achieve your goals or provide you with a specialised or particular type of support.

What’s on offer?

Supportive hands

Enhanced Key Working:

Individual sessions with an experienced Key Worker who will offer a range of support planning tools for you to work with in order to identify your personal strengths, goals and methods of achieving these.

This service can also include follow up phone calls, attendance at appointments and liaison with professionals, at no extra cost.

Sports buddySports Buddy:

Would you like to get fit, enjoy a sport or physical activity and would like some company? A sports buddy can join you in whatever activity you choose and offer motivation, tips and even a devise a fitness programme with you for the local park or green gym. Sports Buddies are fully insured and have a background and education in sports and fitness and/or sports psychology.


We can match you with a volunteer who has similar interests to you, so you can spend regular social time in the community enjoying a shared activity, or just catching up over coffee and having a good chat.

Road imageHearing Voices Journey Work:

If you hear voices, experience hallucinations or have other experiences which can be distressing or make life difficult, you can have some individual support to develop a personal understanding of what these might be about, and how best to cope with them. Mind in Camden has organisational expertise in supporting people who hear voices through its various projects. All individual work is facilitated by a person experienced in discussing voices and is provided within an established person centered framework.

What can one-to-one support help me achieve?

Recovery SignAs with all our services what you focus on achieving is personal to you. With individual work we will offer you support tools to help you identify what you wish to achieve, how you will achieve this and what support you will require. We offer regular reviews and evaluation of your support to see how you are getting on and if you need to make any changes.

Some of the outcomes you are likely to achieve may include:

Enhanced Key-working: Improved sense of purpose, belonging, confidence and self esteem, sense of control, self determination, participating in the community and understanding and managing mental health.

Sports Buddy: Improved physical health, sense of purpose, participating in the community, confidence and self esteem, and self determination.

Befriending: Improved sense of belonging, and participating in the community.

Hearing Voices Journey Work: Improved sense of control, self determination, confidence and self esteem, participating in the community, and understanding and managing mental health.

When can I meet someone for one-to-one support?

This will be decided between you and the person offering the support. The aim for individual support is usually to create a fixed regular time to meet where possible to increase the chances of commitment and make the arrangement easy for both you and the person offering the support.

How much do sessions cost?

Enhanced Key Working £21 per hour (phone follow up and attendance at external meetings included in the price for booking of 12 sessions)

Friends and Family Space £21 per hour

Hearing Voices Journey Work £21 per hour

Sports Buddy £15 per hour

Befriending £10 per session

How can I join?

Step OneTo book a face to face appointment:
Call 0207 241 8973, or

Step TwoAt the appointment we can chat more about the support you need and complete the relevant paperwork. This will include supporting you to access or allocate funding (a personal budget) to cover or help towards the cost if required.

Step 3Once your funding is sorted out we will be able to match you up with an Individual based on your preferences and you can get started.