Body Stories Women’s Group

hand-circlePhoenix Wellbeing and Recovery Centre, Mind in Camden

Friday 15.00 – 16.30

Joining: Telephone 0207 241 8973 or email in advance (see how to join). An assessment is required to determine readiness for the group.

Venue: Barnes House

Body Stories is a long-term therapy group especially for women. Together, we use body movement and storytelling to explore thoughts, feelings and memories that may be difficult to explain, describe or put into words. The group has been designed to provide a safe space for women in which to share our individual and collective ‘body stories’. The group is open to all women, but the creative and embodied nature of the group means that women who have experienced abuse and trauma may find this group especially helpful.

Who is it for?

  • Women experiencing difficulties or concerns with emotional problems, conflict or distress, especially in their personal relationships, and those who experience physical symptoms of distress or trauma
  • Women who want to enhance their personal communication skills, self-exploration or self-understanding, and improve their personal relationships
  • Women who may find some feelings or experiences too overwhelming or difficult to communicate by words alone
  • Women who can commit to being part of a weekly therapy group

About the facilitator

DianeDiane is an experienced life coach and dance movement therapist, specialising in helping women who want to break free from cycles of abuse in their relationships and self-destructive behaviours and find healthier ways of relating to themselves, their bodies, other people and the world at large.