Older Person’s Sharing Group

Older People Celebrate Magic Moments in their Lives

There is a great value in reminiscence … whether to find joy in events that went well or to acknowledge regrets where life has left a sense of loss.

We may feel old but our life history holds many precious memories. Let’s share them.

Who is this for?  The Older Person’s Sharing Group is an online sharing group for older people, aged 60 or more.  This group is free-of-charge and members are expected to attend each week. The group is time-limited to give a chance for others to join, so please expect to attend for 8 weeks. We will start as soon as we have 6 people.

When: Wednesdays at 3pm until 4.30pm.

Where: This is an online group running on Zoom; please note you will need a mobile phone

What happens? Please expect to talk about your life stories in an atmosphere where you are listened to and in confidence.

Interested in learning more? Then contact referrals@mindincamden.org.uk  or call 020 7911 0822 as a first step and expect to have a call with the group facilitator Richard.

About Richard:

Richard has many years of counselling at Mind in Camden for people needing support. Richard is a qualified psychotherapist registered with UKCP and he is over 60 himself. His background means that he can listen in a gentle way where clients feel safe to speak and be supported.