Weekend Activities

What is Weekend Social Club?

Weekend Social Club takes place at Barnes House and is a pressure free place where you can mix and make friends.

Stack of mugsThe space is facilitated by volunteers and people who use the service. This means that you can help out and contribute something if you wish, or just take advantage of the peer support, access to computers, WIFI, free refreshments, subsidised lunch, and individual practical and emotional support.

There are co-produced activities too, so people who attend the space can co-create events and groups alongside those that facilitate the space.

What can Social Club help me achieve?

Social Club is a great way to increase your sense of belonging through developing friendships. It can also be a first step into volunteering for those who wish to become more involved.

When does it take place?

Social Club takes place on Sunday afternoon (12 noon – 4.00pm).

There is also a Community trip that takes places on either Friday or Saturday afternoons.  Members meet-up at Barnes House to go on a pre-planned outing.

Where does it take place?

Social Club takes place at Barnes House with some activities in the community.

Community Trip changes weekly. Previous trips have included beach trips to Margate and Southend and days out in London, such as a day out on the Thames.

How can I join?

Step OneTo book a face to face appointment, 
 0207 241 8973,
or email referrals@mindincamden.org.uk

Step TwoAt the appointment we can chat more about the service. This will include supporting you to access or allocate funding (a personal budget) to cover or help towards the cost of attending.

Step ThreeWhile your funding is being organised we may be able to offer you some limited free access to get you started. Once funding is in place you will be able to start properly.