The Mind in Camden Shop is a treasure chest of the extraordinary, the unique, the something you have always been looking for! With a vast array of interesting items: from top designer women’s and men’s clothing to fair-trade cards-the Mind in Camden Shop is the place to discover that unusual gift or treat. We even have a special section for ‘cool, weird and funky’ items.

High quality second-hand clothing is displayed according to the season and if you get in early-you might just find that Gucci scarf that perfectly complements the new dress you have been longing to wear.

The shop is known as the cheapest charity shop in Camden Town and in addition to this we have a policy whereby on any purchase, it is possible to return the goods within 1 week and receive a full refund. How good is that!?


We are particularly interested in receiving donations of designer label and other top quality clothing. Whether these are from your own collection or you are design house with excess stock-Mind can turn your cast-off into someone’s lucky find!

We are also very keen to receive any expensive bric-a-brac or music collections.

In some cases, we can arrange pick-up of your donations.

For further details, please contact 020 7284 2236

Our Aims and Objectives:

  • To provide an environment where volunteers, managers and customers can improve their well-being
  • To generate income for Mind in Camden


Our shop aims to provide a fun atmosphere where customers and volunteers can enjoy their time in the shop.

After the required training, volunteers are given responsibility under the guidance of the manager.

Volunteers come from sections of the community, but for those recovering from mental health problems, this can be a great opportunity to gain confidence, develop self-esteem and initiative, improve social skills and enhance employment prospects.

Volunteer For Us

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If you are interested in becoming a volunteer within our Mind in Camden shop, please contact the Shop Manager on 020 7284 2236

Special Thanks

Thank you to Camden Garden Centre for providing a van and manpower to move 22 very heavy slabs to create a patio behind the shop. It will provide a lovely space for our volunteers to take a break and relax.