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Mind in Camden is an independent registered charity (No. 292180), established in 1985, and a company limited by guarantee (Reg. No. 1911178).

We provide services to over 1000 people with serious mental health needs each year.

We are affliliated with National Mind.

We provide:
  • Phoenix - an innovative Wellbeing & Mental Health Recovery Service  providing a range of co-produced support spaces, dedicated personal support, peer support groups and workshops
  • Healthy Minds Community Programme: supports local people to reconnect with their interests and goals by engaging in activities and courses and building positive connections with the local community
  • Voice Collective, a London-wide capacity-building project that provides information and support for children and young people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual experiences
  • Voices Unlocked: supports people who hear voices in prisons, secure units and Immigration Removal Centres.  The service also supports Women's Voices Unlocked which focuses on women who hear voices in these environments
  • We are the lead organisation in the London Hearing Voices Network, which supports 42 hearing voices peer support groups across the capital
  • Social Prescribing Services: GP referral services to help Camden residents make contact with organisations offering workshops, activities, groups and practical support
  • Cultural Advocacy Project: a co-produced service, reflective of specific cultural needs, that supports community groups and organisations to promote wellbeing and support individuals and families to look after their mental health

We provide services to over 1000 people with serious mental health needs each year. Our annual turnover is in the region of £1,000,000 per annum.  We employ 27 staff and are supported by about 100 volunteers at any one time.


Our core values around mental health are:
  • We see mental health as a continuum we are all at different points on at different times in our lives – there is no ‘us’ (= well) and ‘them’ (= ill).
  • We see experiences such as hearing voices, seeing visions, having unusual beliefs and experiencing anxiety, hopelessness or extremes of mood as responses to real events, feelings and cultural influences that people can identify in their own lives – rather than as delusions, hallucinations or symptoms of a bio-medical ‘disorder’.
  • We recognise that many people who experience voices, visions and who have other unusual experiences and/or beliefs lead happy and fulfilled lives, and that, in some cultures, these experiences are accepted as normal.

To find out more, please see our Vision, Values and Mission page.

Working in partnership to effect change & deliver services

Mind in Camden has a track record of over 30 years of successfully delivering community mental health services. We have extensive experience in running development projects in partnership with other organisations:

  • Our Hearing Voices projects have worked with over 150 voluntary and statutory organisations across London and nationally including: Kids Company, Childline, The National Paranoia Network, National Hearing Voices Network, Local Mind Associations, National Mind, CAMHS and EIP Teams, Inpatient Units, Social Services, Schools, Mental Health Inreach Teams in Pentonville, Holloway, Brixton, Bronzefield, Wormwood Scrubs and a range of homelessness charities.
  • The Phoenix Wellbeing & Recovery Service is delivered in partnership with a diverse range of community groups and individuals as volunteers and independent trainers from many different backgrounds.

We currently work with the following organisations as formal delivery partners:

  • The Anna Freud Centre (Contracted to undertake an evaluation of Voice Collective, our children and young people’s project)
  • The Paranoia Network (A national organisation of trainers and consultants with lived experience of paranoia, contracted to provide training and consultancy for our London Paranoia Groups Project)
  • Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust (as co-facilitators of their 'Interesting Minds' peer support group for young voice hearers)
  • South London & Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust (as co-facilitators of their Voice Collective peer support groups for young voice hearers)
  • HMP Holloway, HMP Pentonville, HMP Wandsworth & HMP Highdown (supporting their Hearing Voices Peer Support Groups).

We have also undertaken work as a subcontracted organisation for:

  • Intervoice (the International Hearing Voices Network)
  • The English National Hearing Voices Network
  • In 2012 we provided a staff training element to a successful consortium tender for Mental Health Day services in Cambridgeshire to enable the development of peer support and co-production model of day services.

To find out more about our training and consultancy opportunities, please click here.


Support our work

As with any charity, the support we receive from individuals and charitable trusts helps us to continue to provide our essential services. However, support isn’t all about money – we value any kind of contribution you may be able to make to our services or organisation.

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