Vision, Values & Mission

Our Vision:

Working alongside people of all ages who are experiencing distress through voices, visions, unusual beliefs, anxiety, hopelessness and extremes of mood, Mind in Camden will stimulate change and development in mental health services by providing, promoting and partnering in services in diverse settings that:

  • enable self defined recovery, increase self esteem and promote hope
  • involve guided and unguided self help, co-production and peer support
  • challenge stereotyping, stigma, isolation and social exclusion

Our Core Values

  • We see mental health as a continuum we are all at different points on at different times in our lives – there is no ‘us’ (= well) and ‘them’ (= ill).
  • We see experiences such as hearing voices, seeing visions, having unusual beliefs and experiencing anxiety, hopelessness or extremes of mood as responses to real events, feelings and cultural influences that people can identify in their own lives – rather than as delusions, hallucinations or symptoms of a bio-medical ‘disorder’.
  • We recognise that many people who experience voices, visions and other unusual experiences and/or beliefs lead happy and fulfilled lives, and that, in some cultures, these experiences do not result in stigma.

Our Mission is to:

  • Recognise and value people’s own experiences and definitions of their mental health and support needs, developing and exploring ways of working that combat the stigma, isolation, low self esteem, social exclusion and the lack of hope that labels and diagnosis can bring.
  • Enable people to find ways of achieving their own life goals on the basis that ‘recovery’ is self defined.
  • Work alongside people with current or past lived experience of mental health issues as partners, not as passive recipients of services.
  • Promote wellbeing by providing and enabling services that support individual responsibility, self help, peer support, co-production, and inclusion in the wider community.
  • Ensure that the self help, peer support and co-production models we adopt in our services, and promote to others through our development projects, training and consultancy, fully reflect our core values.

Support our work

As with any charity, the support we receive from individuals and charitable trusts helps us to continue to provide our essential services. However, support isn’t all about money – we value any kind of contribution you may be able to make to our services or organisation.

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