Voice Collective Youth Project

Around 8% of children and young people hear voices or see things that other people don’t. It’s much more common than many people think. Voice Collective is a Mind in Camden project that works in partnership with youth services across Greater London to help ensure that these children, young people and families get the best support possible.

“Without the group I would be isolated. I used to think I was the only person this is happening to, that I was freakish or wrong. It helped me realise that there are other people. It normalised it and made it less inhuman”

Andy*, Aged 16

An Overview of our Services

For Young People

If you hear, see or sense things that others don’t and are 18 or under, we can offer:

  • Peer support groups, so you can meet with other young people
  • Creative workshops where you can learn new skills and have some fun
  • 1-2-1 support around making sense of voices and finding coping strategies (by email, phone and/or in person)
  • Information and signposting to help you find the right services and support for you
  • A youth focused website (www.voicecollective.co.uk) that includes lots of information and ideas to help you understand your experiences and find ways of dealing with them. We also have an online support forum, facebook page, twitter and tumblr blog.
  • Support for your family, school or youth workers

For Parents / Carers

“You have brought us ‘normality’ within these experiences. You have taught us that with the appropriate support young people can lead happy and successful lives. You recognise the love we have for our children and have taught us how to support them”.

Sue*, Mother of a 12 year old

If your child hears voices or has other unusual sensory experiences, we can off:

  • Support workshops, enabling you to meet with other parents, share experiences and get new ideas
  • 1-2-1 support to help you make sense of your child’s experiences and think of ways of helping them cope (by email, phone or in person)
  • Information and signposting
  • Website and online support forum

For Youth Workers

A large part of our service involves supporting schools, social services, CAMHS and other youth agencies to work with children and young people who have these experiences. We are flexible in what we offer, so do get in touch to explore how we might work together.

Our services can include:

  • Training for staff to support those already working with a child or young person who hears voices
  • Mentoring and coaching for staff wanting to think about creative coping strategies or explore different ways of understanding a young person’s difficulties
  • Awareness raising (including PSHE lessons, assemblies and awareness raising workshops for youth workers)
  • Help developing written information, policies and guidance around supporting young people who hear voices

Contact Us

Whilst we are sharing some of our project information on this site, we also have a specific site suitable for children and young people (www.voicecollective.co.uk). We have chosen to host this separately to help the information reach out to young people who may be put off accessing an adult mental health site. Please see this site for more information about the project.

You can contact the Voice Collective team on:

T: 020 7911 0822, E: info@voicecollective.co.uk, W: www.voicecollective.co.uk

Download: Voice Collective Menu of Services