London Hearing Voices Network


Launched in 2005, as a London-wide capacity building project to increase the quality and quantity of peer support groups for adults who hear voices or see visions, the London Hearing Voices Project has grown from strength to strength. It has developed an excellent local, national and international reputation for its work and is part of the wider international ‘Hearing Voices’ movement.

‘Hearing Voices’ is used as a generic term to include people who hear, see or sense things that others don’t. It is a relatively common human experience – between 3 and 10% of adults hear voices, this figure rises to over 75% if you include one off experiences like hearing your phone ring when no-one is calling you. Whilst the majority of people who hear voices do not have a problem with this – in fact their experiences may be beneficial or at least neutral. However, a significant minority (roughly a third) of voice-hearers struggle to cope and may be diagnosed with a mental health problem.

Inspired by the pioneering work of Professor Marius Romme, Dr Sandra Escher and Patsy Hague (a voice hearer), the project views voices as inherently meaningful experiences that can be understood in the context of a person’s life experiences. We recognise the individual’s own potential, with the right support networks, to recover from the distress associated with difficult voices and visions. We are committed to providing innovative services that help ensure those support networks are in place. This includes increasing the availability of peer support opportunities and recovery oriented approaches for those that need them.

World Hearing Voices Congress

The London Hearing Voices Network is only one small part of a national and international movement. Held in a different country every year since 2009, the World Hearing Voices Congress brings together voice-hearers and those who support the aims of the Hearing Voices movement, from across the world for a two-day conference. Download the 2019 flyer and call for papers here: WHVC-2019-Info

The London Hearing Voices Project includes:

London Hearing Voices Network (LHVN), incorporating Paranoia & Beliefs: We provide ongoing support to the network of ~30 Hearing Voices Groups and ~15 Paranoia & Beliefs Groups in Greater London. This includes providing training courses and networking events for facilitators. Our aim is to help increase the sustainability of well-facilitated Hearing Voices Groups, promote their benefits and help signpost individuals to groups in their local area.

Voice Collective: A national project supporting children and young people who hear voices or see visions by working in partnership with youth services. Voice Collective has its own website here.

Voices Unlocked: A national project establishing a network of peer support groups for people in prison and secure units who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual sensory experiences.

Refugees & Asylum Seekers Hearing Voices Project: A national project establishing peer support groups for refugees detained in Immigration Removal Centres, and for young refugees in the community.

Training & Consultancy: Specialist training and consultancy for organisations and teams who would like to develop their work with people who hear voices, see visions or have other unusual experiences.

Contact Us

To find out more about the London Hearing Voices Network, please contact:

John Wetherell (Project Assistant)
Mind in Camden
Barnes House, 9-15 Camden Road
London, NW1 9LQ

Tel: 020 7241 8978 or 07471 318127 | Email:

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