Attending the REST Service

▪ Minor Tranquilliser service for adults who are experiencing, or have
experienced, difficulties due to taking Benzodiazepines. We aim to
support those who are using or have used benzodiazepine tranquillisers,
sleeping pills and z drugs with similar actions. We seek to empower
clients so their opinion is expressed and heard. We maximise clients’
choice about whether to stabilise, reduce or withdraw from benzodiazepines and related drugs.
▪ Those who wish to withdraw are given information, encouragement and support to do so as comfortably as possible, and we also help individuals makes the changes necessary in life after withdrawal to remain drug free.
▪ We educate and inform all those who may come across the problem of benzodiazepine addiction, either personally or professionally, towards an understanding of the difficulties caused by the drugs action and the compounding of those problems in withdrawal.
▪ We liaise, at the request of clients, with services in their prescribing, managing and supporting of clients who take benzodiazepines and drugs with similar action.
▪ We are user centred and provide a variety of different services, aiming to meet clients needs such as an advice and information Helpline, advocacy, a support group and formalised one to one counselling.

▪ Referrals can come from any source, including self-referrals. Service is provided to adults living in the London Borough of Camden and Islington to existing, recovering, past and potential users, their friends and relatives.   
People using benzodiazepines illicitly or in combination with other drugs or alcohol are also eligible for the service free of charge.

▪ After referral has been received (which can be by self or an agency contacting us on a clients behalf) an initial appointment will be made to determine client need and wishes. From here we can let clients know about the services we offer.

▪ No waiting list operates for our support group, the Helpline/Drop in and accompanying clients to appointments.
▪ Formalised counselling, has a waiting list but we aim to see clients within 3 months.
▪ The service will seek to accommodate as wide a range of need as is practicable, however, where absolutely necessary to ensure the wellbeing of other service users and the best use of resources, the following exclusion criterion applies:

▪ People not using, or who have not used, Minor Tranquillisers or ‘Z’ drugs
▪ People who are not currently in a position to engage in one to one counselling or group work due to behavioural difficulties (e.g. incoherent communication, extreme hyperactivity)
▪ People who may put the recovery of others using the service at risk – e.g. people dealing or otherwise supplying drugs illicitly, or who have a recent history of physical or verbal abuse in group settings There may be occasions where people can only use a part of the service e.g. they may be excluded from the group due to recent patterns of abusive behaviour towards vulnerable people, but could still access the 1-1 counselling service.

Camden and Islington commissioners pay for the place of Camden and Islington residents but there is a charge for out of borough service Users.
– However, there is a free taster session for those who are out of borough who would like to try the group.