Our Environmental Impact

Keeping Green in Mind

Keep green in mindHere at Mind in Camden we are committed to promoting a greener outlook and reducing our carbon footprint. From recycling as much as possible, including food waste,  to powering Barnes House with 100% green electricity – we have been taking action over the last few years to reduce our impact on the environment.

We also have a green noticeboard containing energy saving tips, recycling ideas and green campaigns that have been in the news for members, staff and volunteers.

Mind in Camden is proud of its green achievements:

  • We have been a member of Camden Climate Change Alliance since 2011 and currently have “Cutting Carbon” status
  • Since 2011 we have reduced  our carbon footprint by 36%
  • We continue to recycle our waste paper and saved 6 trees in the last year
  • As far as possible, we try to repair and refurbish office furniture rather than replacing it
  • The Phoenix Green Fingers Container Gardening Group continue to create wonderful displays of flowers and vegetables in our outdoor spaces  that brings joy to everyone sitting outside – and hopefully, may have helped some bees!


Cutting carbon