Mind in Camden Social Prescribing Services

The Social Prescribing Service works in partnership with community providers in Camden to deliver easily accessible one-to-one support to Camden residents struggling with their mental health. The main aim of the service is to support people to access community services, projects and activities to aid their mental health recovery.

It is not possible to self-refer to this service. The main route to support from Social Prescribing is through the GP. The service is part of the Primary Care Mental Health Network, a partnership between Mind in Camden, Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust, Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, Hillside Clubhouse and the Resilience Network.

The Social Prescribing Team operates as a whole service made up of two parts:

TAP Social Prescribing –This is embedded within the Team around the Practice, working holistically using a whole team approach alongside Tavistock and Portman. This is provided by staff and is aimed at people who need a greater degree of support to think about their goals.

Healthy Minds Social Prescribing – This is aimed at people who may have a clearer sense of their goals and are more ready to work towards them with some additional support. This is mainly provided by trained volunteers, with support from staff who carry out initial meetings.

Once a referral is received to the service, the person will be allocated to the team which can best support their needs. The service works in a person centred way, customising the approach around the needs and wishes of the person participating in Social Prescribing. They can expect:

• 8-12 sessions of one to one support to explore their current situation, identify needs and focus on achievable goals.
• A friendly and flexible approach.
• Guidance and information on available community resources
• Support to make contact with community or voluntary sector organisations.
• An opportunity to review progress at intervals after the series of sessions has concluded.

If you would like to know more about the service please call Healthy Minds Social Prescribing on 0203 317 6257 or the TAP team on 0208 938 2703, or please speak with your GP.