Conference Program

The ‘Voices: Unlocked” Conference takes place on Tuesday 9th July. Bringing together a range of stakeholders from the statutory and voluntary sectors, the conference explores themes crucial to supporting people in prison and secure forensic settings who hear voices or see visions.

Voices Unlocked Program


9.15am Registration & Coffee
9.40am Welcome address
9.55am Making sense of violent voices – Jacqui Dillon, Hearing Voices Network
10.35am Symposium: Exploring common myths
‘People in prison are only out for themselves’ – Kimmett Edgar, prison reform trust
‘Prison officers don’t care / can’t help’ – Sharron Withers, HMP Holloway & Paul Nurden, HMP Pentonville
‘Hope is unrealistic – some people just won’t recover’ – Dolly Sen, film-maker, author & survivor
11.30am Break
11.50am Short film: Voices:Unlocked
12.00noon ‘I leave my voices in my cell on a friday morning – Rachel Waddingham & Catherine Whitaker
12.30pm Q&A for all speakers
12.45pm Lunch (provided)
1.45pm Afternoon welcome
2.00pm Workshop One: Awareness & Understanding
3.00pm Break
3.20pm Workshop Two: Practice & Implementation
4.30pm Feedback from workshops, Q&A & next steps – includes certificates, free DVD & booklet
4.45pm Close


Workshop one: awareness & understanding

A. Stories of Recovery

Dolly Sen, Flo Bellamy & Kareem Reynolds

The best way to understand what its like to hear voices or see visions is to listen to those that have that experience. Dolly, Flo & Kareem will share their experiences and how they have found ways of understanding and dealing with them.

B. Rethinking Paranoia

Dr Dave Harper & Molly Carroll

Paranoia is a common human experience – more so, in environments where people feel under threat or observed. In this workshop, molly & dave will explore different ways of understanding – and managing – paranoia and overwhelming beliefs.

C. A Straight Talking Guide to Dealing with Voices & Visions

Rachel Waddingham & guests

If someone hears overwhelming voices, it can be hard to imagine what it’s like & how people can ever learn to deal with these experiences. This workshop shares down to earth informaiton about voices & visions, as well as an overview of coping strategies that can really work.

Workshop Two: Practice & Implementation

A. Taking mental health to the streets

Olive Malony, Elena & Young people from MAC-UK

Mac-uk led multiagency project roor will take you on a journey through the project, bringing its unique way of working with excluded young people- streetherapy©- to life for the delegates.

B. Setting up Hearing Voices Groups in Prisons & Secure Environments

Catherine Whitaker & reps from HMP Holloway, Wandsworth & Pentonville

This workshop shares real life experiences of developing hearing voices peer support groups in prisons & other secure environments. The presenters will share the challenges & successes they have experienced, and host a discussion on ways of encouraging a culture of peer support within challenging environments.

C. Working with Voices, Trauma & Self Harm

Flo Bellamy & Rachel Waddingham

This interactive workshop explores the link between trauma, voice-hearing and self harm. Led by people with direct experience of these issues, the workshop covers ways of understanding the function of self harm and supporting people who are struggling with the impact of trauma on their lives.

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