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At Phoenix we believe that we all have the right to define our own experiences, map our own course through life, do the things we love and share these moments with others.

Sometimes our mental health and life experiences can make this more challenging. Our Phoenix Wellbeing & Recovery Service can help.

We offer a range of options to support your recovery and emotional health so that you can choose what works best for you.

Your Journey at Phoenix

The Phoenix is a flexible service that can support you through the difficult times and help you access resources, skills networks and opportunities to live life beyond them.

STEP 1 - Understanding your journey: We will spend time with you to explore how you got here, what you enjoy, need and hope for. We’ll help you create a unique plan.

STEP 2 - Participating (up to 18 months): We will offer you the support and encouragement you need to follow your plan and modify it as needed. We will also help you build sustainable links with fellow members and your local community.

STEP 3 - Moving on and staying connected: When you move beyond Phoenix we will help you to identify your support network and keep those connections and interests you love. You are welcome at our Peer Support Groups and may wish to volunteer with us.

Additional information

What is One-to-One Support?

We are able to offer you a dedicated individual to work alongside you to help you achieve your goals or provide you with a specialised or particular type of support.

What’s on offer?

Enhanced Keyworking:

Individual sessions with an experienced Keyworker who will offer a range of support planning tools for you to work with in order to identify your personal strengths, goals and methods of achieving these.

This service can also include follow up phone calls, attendance at appointments and liaison with professionals, at no extra cost.

What can one-to-one support help me achieve?

As with all our services what you focus on achieving is personal to you. With individual work we will offer you support tools to help you identify what you wish to achieve, how you will achieve this and what support you will require. We offer regular reviews and evaluation of your support to see how you are getting on and if you need to make any changes.

Enhanced Keyworking: Improved sense of purpose, belonging, confidence and self esteem, sense of control, self-determination, participating in the community and understanding and managing mental health.

When can I meet someone for one-to-one support?

This will be decided between you and the person offering the support. The aim for individual support is usually to create a fixed regular time to meet where possible to increase the chances of commitment and make the arrangement easy for both you and the person offering the support.

What is Support Space?

Support Spaces are sessions facilitated by Senior Recovery Workers providing a range of co-produced activities and groups led by volunteers and members, peer support, access to counselling and individual therapies, recovery planning and goal setting and reviews, emotional and practical support, crisis support, help preparing for/support at appointments, subsidised meals, access to IT and special events and trips.

It is a vibrant and safe space which also involves a range of partners in facilitating activities and extending the service into quality mainstream community venues.

What can Support Space help me achieve?

If you access Support Space you will be offered an individual session to help you identify and set your personal recovery goals. We then help you plan your use of the space and offer you individual support to help you make progress. These goals will be reviewed with you periodically to see how you are getting on and if you would like to change focus or need to adjust the support you are receiving.

In particular you may use the space to develop your sense of belonging, sense of control and purpose, physical health, confidence and self esteem, choice and self determination, whilst also supporting you to develop and deepen your understanding and ability to manage your mental health experiences.

How can I join?

  1. To book a face to face appointment, call 0207 241 8973, or email [email protected]
  2. At the appointment we can chat more about the service. If you wish to join we can complete the paperwork there and then. This will include supporting you to access or allocate funding (a personal budget) to cover or help towards the cost of attending.
  3. Once funding is in place we will organise an induction and help you settle in to the service

What are Workshops?

Workshops are groups or courses facilitated by people with specialist expertise and experience.

Some are facilitated in partnership with other organisations that are able to offer quality premises appropriate to the workshop and/or expert input. They are separate from the groups that take place within the Support Space and are especially for people who are interested in committing to more focused work on their development or recovery.

The programme of workshops is fully reviewed every three months, although new workshops will be added at various stages and highlighted on our website. The programme is produced in partnership with people who use our services so if you have ideas for the things you would like us to be running we can explore incorporating these.

Workshops are run in different ways; some are ongoing, some are time limited, some are open to be joined at any time, others are closed groups. Some are run purely as self-support spaces and others will involve aspects of teaching and are more structured.

However, all facilitators will work to the ethos of the Phoenix which believes all participants have unique strengths to determine and guide their own recovery, so all workshops will strongly emphasise the expertise of the people who participate.

What can Workshops help me achieve?

Workshops can be great ways to fast track your development.

What you achieve is very much dependent on what you put in, so consistent attendance can be important.

Depending on the topic area of the workshop they can help you develop a skill, interest or broaden your understanding. In particular they can help you increase your sense of purpose, sense of control, understanding of your mental health and spiritual health, and improve your sense of belonging and connection to others and your community.

Additionally they can help you feel better about who you are, and increase your confidence and self-esteem.

What’s on offer?

We have a wide range of workshops including those with a therapeutic focus such as Dance Movement Psychotherapy and those offering an opportunity to learn new skills such as Music Club.

We also offer several stress-busting workshops including Mindfulness, Yoga and Relaxation. Have a look at our programme to see what's on offer.

Download the latest Phoenix programme here

Where do workshops take place?

Workshops take place in Barnes House as well as in the local area of Camden Town.

How much does it cost?

Workshops are included in the access-all-areas pass for Phoenix members.

How much does it cost?

You may be eligible for a Personal Budget to cover all the costs. An access-all-areas pass costs £28 per week. While your funding is being organised we may be able to offer you some limited free access to get you started.

How to join

  1. Contact us. Call 020 7911 0822 or email: [email protected]
  2. Meet us. If Phoenix feels right for you, we will invite you to come in and meet us as soon as possible. Then we can explore what’s important to you and complete some paperwork.
  3. Start! We will arrange a start date. On your first day we will welcome you and help you to settle in. You can access the service for free for the first four weeks to see if Phoenix feels right for you, before a personal budget application must be started.
  4. Arrange funding

Personal budget

Let us know if you would like some guidance on how to apply for a budget.


If you plan to self-fund, we will discuss the costs and payment methods

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Call: 0207 911 0822 or 0207 241 8973

For detailed information about what's on offer, you can download our latest timetable here


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