Conference Speakers

Voices Unlocked SpeakersWe are lucky to have a fantastic range of speakers presenting at our Voices: Unlocked conference 2013, including: experts by experience, experts by profession and academics.

List of Speakers

Jacqui Dillon:

Jacqui Dillon is a respected speaker, writer, trainer and activist, and has lectured and published worldwide on hearing voices, psychosis, dissociation, trauma, abuse, healing, and recovery. She is the national Chair of the Hearing Voices Network in England and a key figure in the Hearing Voices Movement internationally.

Jacqui has published numerous articles and papers and is co-editor of Living with Voices: 50 Stories of Recovery. Jacqui’s experiences of surviving childhood abuse and subsequently using psychiatric services inform her work and she is an outspoken advocate and campaigner for humane, trauma-informed approaches to madness and distress.

Dr Kimmett Edgar:

Dr Kimmett Edgar is head of research at the Prison Reform Trust, where he has published studies about women on remand, prison councils, mental health, financial exclusion, and race equality. As senior research officer at the University of Oxford Centre for Criminological Research, his major work explored the roots of prison violence in conflicts among prisoners, which he published in Prison Violence: the dynamics of conflict, fear and power (Willan, 2003).

Dr Edgar contributed to the Prison Service’s Race Review. He has been a member of the Northern Ireland Ministerial Forum on Safer Custody; Quaker Representative to the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice; and a chair of the Alternatives to Violence Project.

Dolly Sen:

Dolly Sen is a writer, director, artist, film-maker, poet, performer, raconteur, playwright, mental health consultant, music-maker and public speaker. Since her much-acclaimed book ‘The World is Full of Laughter’ was published by Chipmunka in 2002, she has had 3 further books published, had a succession of performance roles around Europe and places like The Young Vic, Trafalgar Square and The Royal Festival Hall; did a poetry tour and won a poetry award from Andrew Motion; directed two plays and several films, appeared on TV, and has done spoken word at City Hall and Oxford University.

This is staggering since she dropped out of school at 14 and has no formal qualifications. She has also had to share her life with severe mental health problems. She was told she would never amount to anything but would end up in jail or Broadmoor and she believed this and was on her way there when she changed her belief into the one of believing she could do anything she wanted to do. This proves that the mind is an amazing thing; it can drive you mad and inspire you in the same breath. And that you can do anything if you believe you can do it.

Sharron Withers & Paul Nurden

Sharron Withers works as a Prison Officer within the Safer Custody Team at HMP Holloway. She trained as aHearing Voices Group Facilitator in 2012. Paul Nurden is a Prison Officer at HMP Pentonville and works on the mental health unit within the prison. He recently trained as a facilitator earlier this year. Both officers have first hand experience of the complexities of supporting people in distress within the prison environment.

Catherine Whitaker

Catherine is a Development Worker on Mind in Camden’s London Hearing Voices Project – Prisons & Secure Units Project. Having previously facilitated community Hearing Voices Groups and worked in the homeless sector, Catherine now facilitates groups in HMP Holloway, HMP Bronzefield, HMP Wandsworth & HMP Pentonville. She is instrumental in establishing these groups and increasing their sustainability through training, mentoring and co-ordination.

Rachel Waddingham

Rachel works as the London Hearing Voices Project Manager at Mind in Camden, developing innovative work to support people who hear voices (including Voice Collective youth project, the London Paranoia & Distressing Beliefs Network and the Hearing Voices Prisons & Secure Units Project. Rachel is also a trustee of two national charities (Hearing Voices Network and ISPS UK), an independant trainer/consultant and media spokesperson. Rachel has lived experience of hearing voices, seeing visions, self harm, dissociation and trauma.

Kareem Reynolds

Kareem is an experienced Hearing Voices Group facilitator and is involved in numerous groups across London (including I.R.I.E Mind in Hackney). In addition to extensive voluntary work in the mental health field, including advocacy in secure settings, Kareem has his own inspiring journey to recovery. Kareem’s story is featured in the book ‘Living With Voices: 50 Stories of Recovery’.

Flo Bellamy:

Flo has experiences of hearing voices, seeing visions and other unusual experiences which in the past have been labelled as severe mental illness and medicated. She does not see her experiences as symptoms of a faulty brain but as creative survival strategies in the face of difficult life experiences. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to find their own personal meaning and way of talking about even the most confusing of experiences. She is also a keen writer and poet drawing on her own journey to self-discovery.

Dr Dave Harper

Dave Harper is an Academic Tutor on the University of East London’s Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology programme. He is involved in a number of campaigning activities aimed at developing more progressive responses to mental distress. He works one session a week as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist for East London NHS Foundation Trust as part of the Systemic Consultation Service based in Newham. Dave is an associate editor of Psychology & Psychotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice and a member of the editorial collective of Asylum: The Magazine for Democratic Psychiatry.

Molly Carroll

Molly is the London Paranoia & Distressing Beliefs Project Development Worker, establishing a network of peer support groups across Greater London. In addition to having personal expereince of recovery, Molly is an experienced trainer and group facilitator. She trains and mentors facilitators within the network, developing examples of good practice. She has worked a number of other initiatives, including providing 1-2-1 training for GPs within their surgeries for Rethink.

Olive Malony:

Olive is a clinical psychologist who trained at the University of East London. She is the Clinical Lead at MAC-UK and leads a new pioneering partnership between Southwark Council, South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, and MAC-UK. Olive leads the project with the aim of delivering the Integrate Model (link) to young people who offend and are excluded from services.

Olive previously worked in forensic mental health services and is a member of the Community Psychology Network.