Become a Volunteer

Rainbow imageMind in Camden would not be able to provide the wide range of high quality services without the invaluable contribution made by our volunteers.  We are committed to making the volunteering experience at Mind in Camden a rewarding and productive one.

Among our core values is the desire to involve people who currently use or have used our services in the management and provision of those services.  Each individual has the potential to make a unique contribution and we welcome this diversity.

Volunteer Agreement

Mind in Camden is committed to good practice in volunteering and our Volunteer Agreement summarises the mutual expectations between Mind in Camden and our volunteers – including how we can support you and outlining your responsibilities to Mind in Camden.

Mind in Camden principles:

  • We provide appropriate induction, training and support
  • We are committed to valuing diversity in the recruitment, selection and involvement of volunteers – download our organisational policy here Equality Policy and Action Plan 2015
  • Volunteers’ contributions are valued and will be treated with respect
  • We seek volunteers’ views on team and organisational issues

Becoming a volunteer for Mind in Camden

The selection process for volunteers is based on the skills and interests of the volunteer and the current needs of Mind in Camden. It involves receipt of satisfactory references and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.  We can reimburse travel and other out of pocket expenses.  Training is provided for all roles.

New Volunteer Vacancies

REST Project:  3hrs per week for admin and group cover

The REST project is a free service which exists to support individuals who experience, or have experienced, difficulties due to their benzodiazepine use.  The project provides a variety of services including counselling and support group with the ethos being client centred.  Please note: we offer free monthly supervision on Monday afternoons.

For further information please call Melanie Davis, the REST Service Manager on 020 7241 8980 or email:

Healthy Minds Volunteer Navigator

Healthy Minds is a project aimed at supporting people experiencing mental health issues to link up with community resources.  Mind in Camden is connected to a wide range of community partners who help us co-create a range of supported taster sessions within their organisations.  These include British Museum, Roundhouse, London Wildlife Trust, and many others.  This is in addition to the extensive range of opportunities available in the vibrant borough of Camden.

Connecting to these resources can be difficult if you are experiencing mental health issues.  The role of Volunteer Navigators is to work with individuals to help them explore their interests and goals and support them to access the resources they are interested in.  This role is suitable to volunteers able to make a 7 hour weekly commitment for six months and who interested in gaining experience in 1:1 work with people experiencing mental distress.

Get Set to Go Volunteer Sports Navigator

Get Set to Go is a project aimed at supporting people experiencing mental health issues to link up with community sports resources to help them achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals. The role of the volunteers is to work with these individuals to help them set their goals, identify community resources to help assist with achieving these, and offer support to take the first steps.  A supportive and encouraging approach is essential as participating in sports and fitness can bring up feelings of inadequacy for those who are out of practice or unfamiliar with fitness settings.

This role is suitable to volunteers, with an interest in sports, who are able to make a 7 hour weekly commitment for six months and are motivated to gain experience in 1:1 work with people experiencing mental distress.

Senior Volunteer – Mind in Camden Charity Shop

Our busy and successful  shop on Camden Road sells entirely donated goods whose profits provide important income for Mind in Camden.  It is not part of a national chain and all the income goes to Mind in Camden.

The shop is run by a team of volunteers supported by a Shop Manager.  We are looking for reliable senior volunteers to help run the shop and take responsibility when the Manager is absent.  Ideally, you would be available for a twice a week anytime between 10 am and 6 pm for a minimum of six months and be available to open and close the shop when the manager is not there. Tuesdays and/or Thursdays would be most desirable. It would also help if you are familiar with retail work or can learn quickly to:

  • provide excellent customer service
  • be confident about money handling and using the till
  • complete daily takings summaries
  • guide and support other volunteers
  • sort, price and display donated goods
  • rotate goods out of season when they are not selling
  • undertake physical tasks like carrying bags of goods to and from storage
  • in the Manager’s absence, open and lock up the shop at the beginning and end of the day (10 am to 6 pm)

You will need patience, have good people skills, be able to work without supervision and be willing to learn.  You will be genuinely committed to contributing funds to Mind in Camden by enabling the shop to generate income and will have a non-discriminatory attitude towards people with mental health issues.  You will be able to support the Shop Manager by taking charge of the shop in her absence and support the other volunteers.  Training will be provided in shop procedures.

For more information please contact the Shop Manager, Monika Pokorna: or call 020 7284 2236

All year round volunteering opportunities:

You can apply at any time for other voluntary opportunities in our Wellbeing and Recovery service and in our Admin/Reception team – there are no closing dates.  We can offer you the opportunity to volunteer in a friendly and interesting environment and to develop skills relevant to the roles as well as finding out more about mental health services. Please have a look below and if one of the roles appeals, we’d love to hear from you.

Email an application to: or phone 020 7911 0822

Phoenix Recovery Service Volunteers:

Admin Volunteers


We are looking for people to be Befrienders in the Phoenix Wellbeing and Recovery Service.  This role is combined with general Phoenix volunteering so that you would volunteer for four hours in the Wellbeing  and Recovery service and meet your befriendee during those four hours.  Sometimes there’s a waiting period before you can be matched with your befriendee so this enables you to have something rewarding and fulfilling to be involved with before and after your one-to-one volunteering.